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Windows® to Linux Desktop migration, with Open Source productivity software offering similar functionality to Windows® based productivity software, and associated cost.
Microsoft Platform Price Linux Platform Price
Windows XP Operating System $150 Linux Operating System
(free download, or boxed retail distribution)
$0 - $100
Microsoft Office $300 Open Office Zero
Adobe Photoshop $700 GIMP Zero
Adobe PageMaker $150 Scribus Zero
Anti Virus Software $30 Not Needed Zero
Ad/Spyware blocking Software $40 Not Needed Zero
Quicken $60 GnuCash Zero
Total Software Cost $1430 Total Software Cost $0 - $100
Installation/Reinstall Cost $0 - $100 Installation Cost Generally $50
Windows® and Microsoft® are registered Trade Marks of Microsoft, Inc. Prices are estimates, and generally reflect online pricing available at the time this table was compiled.

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